Adjustable Magnetic Planer Jointer Knife Vernier Setter Jig Gauge for HSS TCT

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Magnetic Knife Setter for Planers & Jointers.

Jointer & Planer Knife Height Setting Jig, Planer Knife Setter Gage

Set planer knives quickly and accurately with these magnetized setting jigs. The jig holds knives tightly in position while both hands are free to adjust the gibs and cutter head.

Universal knife setter.


  • Keeps knives in perfect alignment while setting.
  • Fits planer knives from 12" to 26".
  • Leaves hands free to adjust gibs and cutter head

Keep knives in perfect alignment with micro adjustable to 0.001-Inch
Keep fingers safely from razor-sharp cutter blades
Allow for hands-free adjusting of gib and cutterhead
Save you time, hassle and effort
Come as a pair, in a wooden box

Best Planer/Jointer Knife Setting Jigs gauge hold both Planer and Jointer knives quickly, accurately and securely with innovative, industry grade, magnetized setting jigs. This setting jig's revolutionary design holds the knife in firm alignment for hands-free adjusting and tightening, allowing for a higher level of safety, efficiency and workmanship. The jigs keep knives in perfect alignment with micro adjustable to 0.001-Inch. Come as a pair, in a wooden box.

  • Highly accurate planer blade vernier setting jigs
  • Magnetic feet to attach to the cutter block and hold the blade
  • Blades held securely to allow easy locking into place
  • Swivel feet accommodate block diameters from 75-125mm
  • Micrometer adjustable accuracy with lockable settings


A pair of adjustable jigs for accurately setting up your planer blades within their block. With a lockable vernier setting and magnetic feet, all the blades in the cutting block can be set accurately to the same height. This is most important to give a clean finish to your work. The feet are magnetic and swivel to accommodate different diameters of cutter blocks, whilst the knife itself is held in place by another magnet. The beauty of these jigs is that the blade is held by the magnets allowing you to set the height and secure the blade in one operation. Then you can repeat the process for each blade, keeping the same setting each time. If you are using these jigs on a surface planer or planer/thicknesser, you can set the blades to the outfeed table and keep the jig settings for accurate repeat settings each time the blades are sharpened or replaced. Keep the jigs safe in the supplied wooden box. Please note, these are made by the original design manufacturer and so are the best quality vernier setting jigs available.

For Charnwood Planer Knife Setting Jig Set

Magnetic Planer Knife Setting Gauge - The best knives won't perform well unless they are
properly set and aligned. The built-in permanent magnets grip both the planer block and
the knives while you use the integral adjustments to get the knives into perfect position
- adjustable in 0.1mm increments.
1. Magnetic ceramic stop
2. Joints with magnetic connectors
3. Precision depth stop with 0.1mm increments
The set is supplied in a wooden box with 2
setters Three options for setting of knives: Positioning onto the toolholder body with
marking onto the original knife; Positioning onto the toolholder body setting with one of
the supplied gauges; Positioning directly onto the machine table and the tool holder body.
This planer thicknesser knife setting jig set offers a simplified and fast method to set the height of the cutting knives after sharpening or change them. The jigs can be used with most planers, thicknessers or combination machines with open access to the cutterblock.
Please note - this jig cannot be used with machines with fixed aluminium tables as these are not magnetic.

 When refitting planer knives, it is most important that they are re-set and fitted correctly.
 Each blade must protrude from the cutterblock by the same amount to give a clean cut, otherwise they will cause an imbalance and a vibration which could damage the machine and will also result in an uneven cut.
 These jigs are fitted with strong magnets which will clamp it to the cutterblock.
 The feet swivel to account for different diameter cutterblocks.
 The knife itself is held onto another magnet which is height adjustable.
 The height can be set extremely finely with graduations down to 0.15mm.
 With the knife loose in the block ensure both setting jigs read the same, then lock the blades into the block and repeat for the other knives.
 Once the jigs are set and locked to the exact setting for your machine, the setting will be saved for future fitting of new or re-ground knives.
Summary Features / Specifications:
Minimum Cutterblock Diameter: 75mm 
Maximum Cutterblock Diameter: 125mm 
Number Of Knives: 2-4
Height Adjustment: 22mm (Approx 7/8" ;)
Increments Of Adjustment: 0.15mm (0.0059")

Excellent Setting device suitable for all makes and models of Surface Planers, Jointers, Thicknessers and Combination Planer/Thicknessers
These magnetic blades setting jigs delivered in a practical wooden box.
The knife projection can be exactly set due to the adjustable stops 0.1mm adjustments.
The device has been designed with permanent magnets which adheres to the cutter block or the planer table and not the knife, so that both hands are free for setting and tightening the knives.
The setting devices don't need to be held down
High Setting Acuracy ensuring perfect blade alignment and Surface Finish.
Time Saving Device when mounting and setting planer blades

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kevin WynnPO240/5125
5.0 out of 5 stars I wish I would have had these a long long time ago

I wish I would have had these a long long time ago They make it easy to install the new blades

Eldon White

Its very well built and adjustable

Matthew Moloney
Nice little tool.

It seemed a little flimsy but it did the trick to set my planer blades. Would certaintly order it again.

William Therrien
Perfect alignment of my planer blades

Took a little bit to figure out how to use them, but they did what they're supposed too. My blades are set and parallel.

Pat Couvillon
Takes a little to figure out but they work great.

The gauge on them is worthless. The way I got mine to be even and to be the right depth was to place the jig on the cutter head in a place where there were no knives or anything and then I used a feeler gauge to set the plungers at the same correct height (50 thousands for my 20" delta planner). After that I locked them in place and used them as you would expect. Worked perfect. Easy to use. 10/10 I would recommend.

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