FOXBC 9 Inch 14/18 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades Demolition for Auto Dismantling, Diablo Sawzall Blade 1/16-5/16 Medium Metals Cutting, Bi-Metal, 25-Pack

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 FOXBC 9 Inch 14/18 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades Demolition for Auto Dismantling, Diablo Sawzall Blade 1/16-5/16 Medium Metals Cutting, Bi-Metal, 25-Pack 

  • Ideal for Cutting Metal 1/16" to 5/16", Angle, Tubing, Copper Pipe, Fiber Cement
  • 9 Inch 14/18 TPI Specifically designed for maximum performance in metal cutting applications. perfect replacement for diablo steel demon sawzall blades
  • Bi-Metal M42 Material with 8% Cobalt saw blades for extreme demolition cuts
  • Optimal for rough-in cutting a wide range of demolition materials on the construction site and automobile-dismantling.
  • Compatible with Black & Decker, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Bosch, SKIL
  • FOXBC reciprocating saw blades keeping your reciprocating saw, sawzall saw cutting HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR DEMON QUALITY and LONGER LIFE durability .
  • Package includes: 25pcs saw blades with storage case

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Customer Reviews

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Good for metal teardown - well lighter metals and light to medium duty steel.

I did a few tests with aluminum and copper. Cut well and fast, as it should.
Steel sheet metal was also good, but hard to keep from distorting. Not sabre-saw level precise for sure.
Stainless steel sheet metal was harder to cut, again as expected, similar to sheet metal but more time required for similar gauge.
Tested on railroad spike - very rugged cut even though steel is "softer" (IMO) than sheet metal.
Best results were letting it cut a thicker cut by "wobbling" the blade (twisting left and right along the axis).
Can do a decent precision cut if you are patient, but seems better for quick "disassembly" of metal stuff

Cuts well and worth the cost based on Price per Blade

These blades cut metal well and also work well for cutting through nails in lumber or any other general demo work. For the cost per blade, you can’t go wrong. They last about as long as a standard blade you would get from a hardware store. They fit into my DeWalt sawzall with no issues. I wish the case they came in was a little better as mine came with a crack in it. The case is definitely nice and I will be reusing it when the blades run out so long as it does not crack any more.

Saw blades

Great blades, great variety, great buy.


worth the money, quality material

Decent blades for the price.

Nice container. Worth restoring with a bit of duct tape.I like to test these kinds of saw blades in a hand-powered handle and in a basic battery-powered saw. This gives me a pretty good idea of how well they perform without too easily overheating, which is murder on cutting edges.I'm not sure it shows very well in these pictures, but the kerf produced by hand cutting is wider than that produced with a power saw. I would have liked to see a bit wider kerf, which would have allowed the coating of these blades to last a bit longer than it does.The steel I cut was a medium hard framing steel, as was the deck screw, which is much harder than typical wood fasteners.I'd choose a bimetal blade with 8-tpi for wood demolition unless a lot of deck screws are involved. These blades are best suited for metal, as described.I was able to make a low angle plunge cut in wood and soft metal. For harder metals intended it be cut with this blade, a plunge cut can be started with a Dremel tool pretty easily.Recommended on price and general utility.

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