FOXBC 15mm Carbide Inserts 4"R Indexable for All Byrd Shelix Planer Cutterhead, Replacement for Byrd KN400, 10 Pack

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 FOXBC 15mm Carbide Inserts 4"R Indexable for All Byrd Shelix Planer Cutterhead, Replacement for Byrd KN400, 10 Pack

  • 15x15x2.5mm 4" R (R100) carbide insert compatible with all Byrd Tool SHELIX Planer Cutterhead
  • Replacement for Byrd KN400
  • These replacement carbide inserts are specifically designed to for fit all DeWalt, Delta, Shop Fox, JET and Powermatic jointers and planers that utilize for the Byrd Shelix cutterhead.
  • Indexable solid carbide inserts measures 15 x 15 x 2.5mm 4-edge radius 100mm. 4 cutting edges
  • When replacing or rotating inserts, the seat should be as clean as possible. This will prevent breakage of inserts and ensure proper insert alignment. To properly align the insert, press the insert away from the seat while tightening to approximately 55 inch pounds torque. This allows the countersink in the tip and the taper of the head on the flathead screw to slide the tip into its proper position.
  • Plastic Case Includes 10 knives.
  • FOXBC Carbide Inserts keep your woodworking planer for Byrd Tool SHELIX heads cutting cleanly for the best results.

Easy installation and replacement:
Rotation for a new cutting edge when dull or chipped.
Perfectly fit all Bryd Shelix cutterheads.
Smooth surface / noise reduce / durable
Made of top Industrial-grade material allows long work hours producing consistent results.
Ultra-sharp edges avoiding ripples and tearing out.
High precision in each dimension gives our indexable carbide cutters small noise and leaves no lines.

also compatible with part numbers for carbide knife: Powermatic 1791212, Byrd KN400, Oliver A-Byrd 10, Grizzly H7354, Woodcraft 159876, Hermance 113993

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