8" 9" 10″ 12″ 14″ Urethane BandSaw Tires - 2 Pack

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Urethane Tires last longer and work far better than rubber tires.They will not wear out and become brittle as quickly as rubber tires do. You will absolutely see the difference in the performance of your band saw when you upgrade to Urethane Tire.

Package : 2 Pack tires.

urethane band saw tires are a popular choice for most applications because they’re easy to install and require no glue or adhesive. The tires are offer exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability for reduced operating costs and downtime.  Our urethane tires come in 8" 9 "10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″ sizes.

  • Long Life: These Band Saw Tires are superior to factory tires, or replacement rubber or plastic tires. The value 2 pack provides excellent value and quality.
  • Won't Dry Out: Urethane doesn't dry out when compared to plastic or rubber tires. This increases their efficiency and life expectancy.
  • No Adhesive Needed, Easy to install & remove with no need for adhesive. The tires stretch to fit the wheel tightly.

installation and removal. We suggest soaking in hot water before installation to make material more pliable.

Urethane is known to outlast the factory tires, or the replacement plastic or rubber tires. It doesn’t dry out which extends its life.

How to Install Your Urethane Band Saw Tires:

>-Make sure to unplug your band saw whilst changing any parts or servicing it.
-Urethane band saw tires don’t require adhesive, but they do need to be stretched on.
-Remove the old tires, and clean the machine of any dirt, debris, or adhesive.
-The smaller tires can be fitted by stretching them on by hand.
-If you can’t get the tires on by hand stretching them, clamp the tires to the wheel. Work the tire around the wheel in
both directions and add clamps as you go.
-A dowel rod or smooth tool can be used to pry the tire on.
-Once the tire is securely on the wheel, the stretch will need to be smoothed out.
-With a dowel between the tire and the wheel, roll it around the entire wheel.

More detailed versions of instructions can be found by searching for “urethane bandsaw tire installation” online.

Diameter Width
8" 9" 1/2"
10, 12″, and 14″ 7/8″
16″, 18″, 20″
1 1/2″


Our urethane tires usually are used with portable band saws. These tires generally work with most models of band saws from major manufacturers such as Craftsman, Grizzly, Skil, Delta, Powertec, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Powermatic, DeWalt, Makita, and others.

       Thinner than their rubber counterpart

  •     Generally fit band saw wheels within half inch range of tire diameter
  •     Urethane has increased abrasion resistance and does not dry rot
  •     Comes with installation guide
  •     Works with most models of band saws that require urethane tires
  •     Snug fit eliminates need for adhesive
  •     Uniform width
  •     Outstanding performance and consistent wear

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Customer Reviews

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fait tres bien sur ma Rikon 14po,passer a l eau bouillante avant,plus facile a inserer

Fits Mastercraft 9" bandsaw

Difficult to install, but is possible. Do not have any comments about the durability and longevity of the wheel tires as of yet.

Tires are strong!

I'll figure out a slick way to install them. I'm 74 and not strong at all.

fits bs901 ryobi 9" band saw

fits bs901 ryobi 9" band saw. use warm (not boiling) water to soften the tire so it's a little easier to install....but it fits fine

Bandsaw wheel belts

Just take your time and U will eventually get them on your wheels. Much better that the old rubber belts. To aid in getting them on I used a small speed clamp and a couple of spring clamps so that within minutes on they went.

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