3-1/4 Inch Tungsten Carbide Planer Blades for DeWalt D26676, DW680K

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FOXBC is proud to offer exclusive 3-1/4 Inch carbide-tipped planer/jointer Blades that will last approximately 10 times longer than our premium HSS planer blades. Our carbide-tipped knives feature high-grade micrograin carbide that has been permanently bonded to a rugged steel body. This steel and carbide combination on each planer blades results is super-durable and able to withstand the high-speed stresses inside your jointer or planer far better than any other brand of blade out there.

Quick set knives for easy set up and resharpenable edge allows for longer bit life.

  •     Resharpenable edge allows for longer bit life
  •     Qucik-set knives for easy set up
  •     Durable high speed steel construction
  •     Great for planing wooden studs for framing or hardwoods for furniture making

3-1/4 Inch 82mm TCT Carbide Planer Blades

  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • For DeWalt D26676, DW6655, DW677, 678, 680K.
  • Lasts up to 30% longer than standard tungsten carbide blades, 10% sharper than standard carbide blades
  • Set of 2, Plastic case packaging
  • Made with tungsten carbide & Blade Size: 82x29x3mm

These 3-1/4 Inch Planer Blades are also suitable for below listed planers:
Hitachi: F20, FP20A, P20V, P20SA.
Makita Planer: 1001, 1100, 1125, 1125B, 1911, 1900B, 1901, 1902, 1923B, M102, MI900.
Ryobi Planer: HL-82, L282, L1323A, L180, L-1835.
Dewalt Planer #DW677, DW678, DW680K, D26676, D26677, D26500, D26501 ,26677K
Bosch Planer #1594, PL1682, PHO2-82, PHO3-82, PHO3-82B, PHO100, PHO150, PHO200, PH300, PHO15-82, PHO25-82, PHO30-82, 1592-9, GHO282, GHO31-82, GHO36-82c
Wolf/Kango: 8614, 8657
For use with DW680K D26676, D26677 and Makita N1900 planers

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