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Certification: CE

Origin: CN(Origin)

Model Number: Rail Slide Slot Stopper

Coding: MGGJ099


Material: aluminum alloy

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation

color: red

Size (approx.):

Clip: 125mm x 26mm x 10mm

Screw: M8 * 100mm

Handle: 30mm

Slider: 25mm x 25mm


-This helps woodworking to knead in various situations, including beveling, gear shaping, splicing, wide angle and sharp angle.

-These smart small clamping blocks differ from traditional clamping blocks in one very important aspect-the round clamping surface allows you to apply force precisely at any angle.

-This versatility means you can say goodbye to messy glued blocks that are only suitable for specific angles.

-As you know, in addition to dealing with almost all ticks, they can also be easily fixed to complex joints, such as scarves, novels, mortises and tendon joints, where the tendons extend through the mortise.

-They are also ideal for clamping simple 90-degree joints on large assemblies when you do not have long enough clamps. This is a simple tool, and the utility is limited only by your imagination.

-These multi-functional aluminum alloy clamping blocks can be used to help woodworkers clamp various joints common in woodwork and construction.

The kit includes:

1 clip for universal clamping block

1 x screw m8x100mm

1 x Plastic round pen

1 x aluminum alloy slider

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